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Found 1 review for Castle Hotel in Nottingham

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What a change from the place it was. We went there two weeks ago and ended up walking out because the bar staff could not be bothered to disengage from their chit chat to serve us.Thought I would give it another shot, but boy are they rude. 20 minutes I waited for my drinks, only to be told"We aint got the beer you want". 20 minutes !!!Asked why,"Bars busy" came the reply. I said that this was unacceptable, and was told"don't have a drink with your food then".I decided to go there and then. I went to a restaurant who values it's customers and understands that it is us that pay their wages.These people are objectionable and spectacularly rude. The display of American style sideways head wobbling just added to my utter frustration.Clearly, customers are not wanted. The place is dirty, plaster actually falling off walls, and tables sticky.
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Ashley Walsh
2011-06-30 11:30:10

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