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Found 1 review for The Royal Oak in Manchester

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This was a truly awful eating experience from start to finish. From a poached egg which oozed water in my starter of egg florentine, to a main course in which the fondant potato served with the duck breast, was both tasteless and watery - somewhat like a marrow in texture, and hard to believe any potato went into this disgusting accompaniment. My dinner companion had the experience of an exceptionally over-salty starter and a main course of lamb shank, with a red wine reduction which had been reduced so much that it turned into a very bitter, salty& gloopy mess - certainly inedible to anyone with sophisticated tastebuds and a love of fine food. The final and equally appalling experience of our dinner was the so-called"manager"'!!! He had no concept of managing a restaurant in the true sense of the word, that is unless you view a good manager as someone who props up the end of the bar most of the evening, looking thoroughly bored, and accompanied with frequent yawns to let his customers and staff know just how disinterested he is in his job. Inevitably, the manager's approach, or perhaps lack of, meant that the young and inexperienced staff were holding the fort throughout. Unsurprisingly, the manager's lack of basic attention to his surroundings and his staff resulted in unacceptably long delays between courses, and a frustrating evening at every level. We finally asked to speak to the manager having decided we were not willing to risk a pudding, or another wait, from the very uninspiring dessert menu. When the manager eventually decided to grace us with his presence, we politely informed him of our disappointments with the meal. To add insult to injury, he had the audacity to state that he wouldn't accept the criticisms we expressed, thus completely negating the basic principle that the customer is right! At the very least, a good manager who knows their business and respects their customers opinion would have been gracious enough to have apologised without questioning and arguing with the customer - not forgetting that it is the customer who is ultimately paying for the privilege of this ghastly experience. This manager not only dismissed us out of hand, but he didn't even have the politeness (or nerve) to bring us the bill himself. Overall, the various restaurant staff were doing a great job at holding the place together, without any obvious guidance from what was an all but absent manager. He should certainly reacquaint himself with some basic management training in a service industry which is totally reliant upon the customer! I thank the manager and the chef for one thing only, which is the fact that we can free up valuable space in our list of great places to eat. The not so'Royal Oak' gave us a night out which we will never forget for all the wrong reasons. Finally, if you are thinking of eating here, just remember four important words - don't waste your money!!!!
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2011-06-20 14:06:25

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