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Found 1 review for Harmony Chinese Restaurant in Leeds

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Since discovering this restaurant I've been so many times that I can't remember where I used to go before. So far I've introduced eight friends to this place and without exception they've all absolutely loved it and returned with their friends and family. This is a lovely little restaurant where you can truly relax and enjoy a quiet meal; it's the complete antithesis to those over-decorated, self-consciously trendy Chinese restaurants with heavy dark decor, impersonal, indifferent staff and confusing thesis-long menus featuring 1001 different dishes,which can't possibly all be freshly prepared using fresh ingredients. At Harmony the food is expertly cooked, freshly made, pleasingly presented and well served by a lovely lady who actuallyremembers you when you go back again (as you surely will.) Don't be put off by the modest exterior, as I initially was,inside the decor is light and tasteful with unobtrusive Chinese music at just the right volume. The prices are very low andincredible value for money for such excellent food and service. Equallyperfect for either an intimate meal for two or a party of friends. Notenough people seem to know about this great little place which I can't recommend highly enough.
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2008-07-30 18:37:46

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