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What is our guide about

We are the people's restaurant review guide you want to visit when you're looking for a restaurant, whether it is for business or for pleasure. Here you find a wide selection of restaurants and cities that you can search by city on the main map and narrow and sort by cuisine, restaurant name, area, etc.

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How to use the guide and benefit from it

Our site has been conceived as a common place for people to share their views on the restaurant or restaurants they visit more often. We are the people's restaurant review guide, so please share with us and the UK your thoughts on your favourite restaurant or restaurants, whether you like it there or not, why, what you'd improve. If you can't find the restaurant you've eaten in lately, or you often eat at a restaurant in a city that is not yet listed, please let us know about it and insert the restaurant directly or suggest the city via our contact page. On the other hand, our guide dedicates an individual page to each and every restaurant we list, therefore please let us know if you have news about a restaurant, if it's been closed, temporarily or permanently, if it's being refurbished, if it has special offers or new menus, etc., so that we can update the restaurant's individual page and share the news with the community.

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Why we created it

We designed this guide to give both customers and restaurants the opportunity to meet, choose and share information and experiences. The review system is a way for customers to voice their satisfaction or disappointment, but also for the management of the restaurant to have their own say.

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For the customer

Anybody and everybody looking to choose a restaurant for their social events can come here and pick the city, narrow and sort the search, but most importantly see what everybody else has to say about each restaurant and choose the most suited one. Also, they can then leave their own thoughts for everybody else to read.

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For the business

We provide the details of restaurants and social venues in general without charge, giving all listed restaurants the chance to get known and appreciated, and the chance to interact with their customers. Anybody that can prove to be the manager or the owner of a restaurant listed by us can write via our contact page and let people know about their photos, menus, prices, opening times, renovation plans or whatever is useful to people wanting to visit their restaurant, but most importantly reply to each and every single review posted for their restaurant, should they wish to. Also, we provide on request stylish business cards aimed at inviting customers to go online and leave a review for the restaurant they just visited. Please request these cards via our contact page.

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Most of the times, whether you've had a good night out or visited a restaurant you'd improve on something, you would like people to know, whether it is other customers looking for an experience like yours or the management of the restaurant to act on constructive critisisms. Once you've found the restaurant or social venue you visited, you can go to their own individual reviews page and 'Leave A Tip' for everybody else to read. Alternatively, if you haven't found the restaurant you visited, you can insert it here

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This guide has been designed with communication in mind and welcomes feedback on it and its goals, along with suggestions for new cities to build up a listing for, advertising and much more. Please see the contact page

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Not only reviews

One of our goals is to offer a complete experience when it comes to reading and writing about restaurants, therefore it will be worth to pay a visit to the features page and check out the latest news, top restaurants, quizzes, competitions and more.

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